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Get mentally and physically ready for the football season
with the FrampCamp training program

  • Master the fundamentals of footwork
  • Learn to be explosive
  • Build muscle memory through repetition
  • Improve your reaction time
  • Achieve stronger self confidence
    on and off the field
  • Learn the college and
    pro recruiting process
  • Understand your strengths and
    improve your weaknesses
  • Become a better athlete
  • Be mentored by the best
  • Train like the Pros
  • No lie we been doing this... Now watch'em bite. League of our own.

    Desean Jackson
    2008 49th Overall Pick

  • I went on to Instagram and looked to see whos one of the best coaches out there getting guys ready and I see Coach Framp working guys out like Desean Jackson to Odell Beckham Jr. So, why not work out with the best!

    Nate Robinson
    2005 21st Overall Pick

  • I appreciate ya today FrampCamp

    Odell Beckham Jr.
    2014 12th Overall Pick

  • I love it. I mean it!!! FrampCamp let's take it to another level fam

    Tavon Austin
    2013 8th Overall Pick

  • Just doing drills is one thing, understanding why you are doing them to be successful in a game situation is another. Framp is giving me knowledge and tools.

    Jaydon Mickens
    2016 Oakland Raider

Get Started Today

Start FrampCamp TODAY and receive anytime access to comprehensive workouts that teach you what you need to know to drastically improve your footwork, reaction, speeds, routes, hand strength, agility and MORE.



  • Give me 60 days to get you right
  • Get your feet right
  • Get your routes nice
  • Learn to read options
  • Learn a proper explosive start
  • Build stronger hands
  • Confidence on the lateral coverage
  • and more...

Powerful Year


  • Dynamic Stretching
  • Catching and Ball Security
  • Offensive Footwork
  • Defensive Footwork
  • Agility Challenges
  • Yoga Flows for Athletes
  • Elevate your playbook
  • and more...

3 Day Boot Camp


  • 3 days training ONE on ONE
    with Coach Framp
  • Thorough athlete evaluation
  • Curated Training Program
  • Personalized Meal Plan
  • Comprehensive Strength and Conditioning
  • Coach Framp will review your Hudl tapes
  • and more...

The Godfather of Footwork

A former NCAA Division I receiver, Frampton became a skills coach. Frampton possesses crazy foot speed and agility. And he uses his talent and knowledge to create cutting-edge drills and techniques appropriate for youth, high school and professional football players.

Dwayne Frampton Jr.

Dwayne Frampton Jr.

Dwayne Frampton Jr., once a starting wide receiver for Arkansas State, has revealed himself as one of football’s most desired trainers in the Nation. In as little as 18 months, Frampton boasts a roster complete with athletes such as DeSean Jackson, Odell Beckham, Robert Griffin III, Braxton Miller, Tavon Austin, Kenyon Barner and De’Anthony Thomas.

Framp Camp!

Rivals New Speed Combine Camps

The best NFL receivers perform footwork drills that allow them to stop on a dime, quickly change directions and juke defenders out of their cleats. Yes, they are ridiculous athletes, but a lot of practice and technique goes into developing these essential skills. How do the pros acquire such insane foot speed? Many of the NFL's premier receivers train with Coach Framp. Now is your chance to train with Coach Framp for FREE at these RIVAL NewSpeed Combine Camps.

Don't miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to work with Coach Framp for FREE!

March 11 Rivals New Speed Combine - New Orleans
March 18 Rivals New Speed Combine - Orlando
March 25 Rivals New Speed Combine - Miami
April 1 Rivals New Speed Combine - Dallas
April 8 Rivals New Speed Combine- Los Angeles
Rivals New Speed Combine Camps
Framp Camp!

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